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Wabi Sabi Raku

  As recognized so clearly by Kakuzo Okakura having tea is a worship of the imperfect. Teacups can be such a marvelous expression of this aesthetic and each unique cup provides ample opportunity to adore the beautiful among the sordid facts of everyday existence. We recently found some fantastic pieces in the tres chic lakeside town of Dali China. We've only put a few of them on the website so you'll have to come into the shop to see everything we found.   Find an imperfect object to practice your empathy with whenever you sip from your favorite teacup.    

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Appreciate the Bleak

Winter.Appreciate the icy cold bleakness and sleep deeply through the abundance of darkness.Retreat to your warm hearth with your loved ones and recuperate from the struggles of the year.We’re celebrating teas ancient, fragrant, and classic this month to share with friends during holiday gatherings. Try Old Tree Green Puer Cake from a well seasoned clay pot if you have one. Pearl Jasmine is best to watch blossom in clear glass teaware or a simple white gaiwan to show off the delicate leaves. Our Lavender Grey is a regular proper tea to bring out for whoever you want to impress. Peace & Love

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