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A Coffee Addict's Tea Journey: Chapter 1 (From guest blogger Heidi Dixon Kwon)

I’m addicted to the way coffee smells like home and how it punishes my impatience by burning mytongue. I drink on average, three to four cups of coffee a day. I take it smooth with a generous pour of cream and a spoon (or three) of sugar. As a writer and a procrastinator, caffeine is a requisite. Coffee is and has been an integral part of my adult life—it fueled my late nights studying in college, my 4 a.m. essay writing and the quiet afternoons in the library. And now, as I work full-time, coffee is the string that holds up my wrists as I stare down Excel spreadsheets, attend meetings and run from deadlines.Knowing that I like my coffee at...

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Celebrating Holidays with Puer Tea

Hi, I'm Donna from Far Leaves Tea. We opened our teashop in 1998 to provide our community with better access to premium quality loose leaf tea and all the cultural elements and rituals that come with having tea.  For me, one of the most important elements of tea is how it fits into daily life, especially as it relates to food. There is a Chinese saying:  開門七件事 - 柴米油鹽醬醋, which translates to tea as one of the seven key ingredients in making a complete kitchen. In this blog, I hope to share with you my experiences with tea and things I love, in particular, pairing tea with food.  For my cooking, I like to build with traditional recipes, but incorporate new ingredients...

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