How to Brew A Perfect Cup of Tea

Whether you're making

cup of tea for yourself to enjoy,

a pot for a group,

or practicing gong-fu style tea,

Also:  Iced Tea is awesome!

The rules operate under some same basic principles. 

Focus on pouring. Mixing water, air and dry leaves inside a clay pot has a satisfying sound, listen and wait until the tea is ready to serve. Paying attention not to drip, distribute the tea equally to all those who are present. Pour tea for yourself last.

Lose track of time.

When the leaves have no more to give and the conversation is at an end, return equipment to pristine condition. Clean the pot with clear hot water and your hands. Scrub and rinse thoroughly; aim for squeaky-clean. Dry cups, pots and whatever plates, knives or other implements have been used for the tea. Return each item to its place, ready for use again.
Wipe away the rest of the tea from the table, and sweep until all is quiet and complete.

Repeat as needed for life.

There's a speck of science in it all, in that time and temperature can be experimented with to discover the most suitable benefit & flavor combinations.

Tea is good.

Slow down. Pay attention.  Savor life.