Berkeley Tea House


We are one of the oldest tea houses in the US, with our Berkeley location established in 1998. Please come by if you're ever in town.  Time Out San Francisco recently called us one of the best tea houses in the Bay Area.  

2626 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702       510.665.9409        Mon-Fri 2-7    Sat-Sun 11-7

We are also in many boutiques in Japan, one of our favorite countries. 

 Our tea can also be found in these fine Bay Area restaurants/establishments:

San Francisco                                                                                                                    Quince (1 Michelin star)   Roses Cafe   Terzo  Cotogna  Contigo                                                Peninsula                                                                                                                                 Chez TJ (1 Michelin star)                                                                                           Berkeley/Oakland                                                                                                           Pizzaiolo  Boot & Shoe  Rivoli  Oliveto  Noodle Theory  Penrose  Advocate  Cafe 817, Umami Mart, Namaste Yoga

To add your place to this list request a pricelist

Also, if you're lucky enough to work at Google and Dropbox, we appreciate the opportunity to have helped Google start its tea wellness program.  Our teas are now served in: Cafe Jia, Maverick Cafe, Root Cafe, Chou Peko Peko, and more...