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Appreciate the Bleak

Winter.Appreciate the icy cold bleakness and sleep deeply through the abundance of darkness.Retreat to your warm hearth with your loved ones and recuperate from the struggles of the year.We’re celebrating teas ancient, fragrant, and classic this month to share with friends during holiday gatherings. Try Old Tree Green Puer Cake from a well seasoned clay pot if you have one. Pearl Jasmine is best to watch blossom in clear glass teaware or a simple white gaiwan to show off the delicate leaves. Our Lavender Grey is a regular proper tea to bring out for whoever you want to impress. Peace & Love

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Umami Mart and Far Leaves Tea develop morning and evening blends with Japanese spin.

Umami Mart and Far Leaves Tea We spent last Spring and Summer perfecting a couple very special blends. One, Ohayo tea, as a morning substitute for coffee. Its blend chicory and hojicha produces a robust infusion to get the day started. For evening relaxation we did a crazy thing with purple shiso leaves that screams umami in flavor, and Umami Mart in character. Oyasumi tea which sooth and excite simultaneously somehow.   You can get these teas at Far Leaves shop in Berkeley, here on the web, or at Umami Mart in Old Town Oakland. We hope you'll enjoy as much as we do.    

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