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Puer Tea: Cake or Loose Leaf?

We sat down with Brad to learn about Puer Cake and loose leaf Puer Gold tea. We hear about the sublime joys of the great feel of a puer knife, the pleasure of having tea with friends, and the spiritual nourishment that leaves can impart.

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Tea as a daily mindfulness practice

Having tea is a simple way to practice mindful behavior. Mindful behavior allows us to react to adversity without lashing out at those around us. Waiting for the water to boil trains us to appreciate the passage of time. Hearing the water, the fire, and the metal begin their boiling dance grounds our thoughts in the here and now. Pouring the water to the pot, the pot to pitcher, the pitcher to cups is not strenuous but can be a sublime movement practice to work towards mastery of. Smell sip taste. Connect with the lizard brain and recall childhood smells from the fragrances soaring up from the cup Breath Enjoy tea daily

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Chinese Golden Teas & Puers

This year we found some very nice honey nutty golden delicious long leaf teas from Fujian and Guangdong.  The Golden Orchid black tea is so comforting as notes of acorn float above the muscat base that drips sweet like honey as you sip a morning cup. We're also glad to get more Phoenix Orchid oolong since the market for this tea is getting quite competitive. Finally our puer supplies have been replenished and we found some interesting old caches you can find here.   

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