New Taiwan Oolongs for 2020

Taiwan Oolong Tea

Due to COVID 19, our buyer spent much longer in Taiwan than usual this year and had the chance to taste a broad range of teas from a number of different regions and producers.  Lucky her.

And lucky us. As a result of this, in addition to getting great versions of our standard set of Dong Ding, Ali Shan, Lishan, we now also have a couple new varieties to fill out the spectrum.

Shanlinxi is a high mountain oolong grown around 1800 meters (over 1 mile high). The limited quantity of the tea we obtained has a flowery nose, a buttery fullness in the mouth, and a sweet honey finish in the throat.

After many years without, we once again have Four Seasons Oolong. The lot we acquired has a light but pronounced flavor. Green bean and some flowery notes lead in but a bright minty essence arises in the 2nd and 3rd infusions. We were able to get this at a good price so it's a great deal for those of you with a daily oolong habit like some of us over here.

Finally, not to worry, we did not lose too many Taiwanese teas to climate change yet and we have great quality of White Tip Oolong and Wenshan Baozhong as per usge. We were also lucky to get all of these early Spring high mountain teas since a combination of weather and covid severely impacted the harvesting of mid and late Spring tea. 

So enjoy the Taiwan Oolongs!

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