Almost Summer

It's Almost Summer

but not quite.
It's been a long Spring this year and the flowers have often gone unremarked upon.
but Summer is not yet here and our isolation must continue on for a while longer.
In the spirit of the person bringing orange slices to halftime at the soccer game, Far Leaves wants to help charge everyone up for another bit of sustained effort to stay tough, and at home, as the pressures to congregate grow.
It's also the very end of last year's tea supply before the new leaves come in from Asia; the ships are pulling into the Bay now! 
So, we've got yet another opportunity for you to get a deal on tea.
Use Spring2020 at checkout to get 15% off your orders before the end of the month (May 2020).
Once the new tea does get onto the shelves prices are going to go up unfortunately due to increased costs across the board for tea, shipping, packaging.  Everything is higher but we'll do our best to keep our prices for great tea as low as we can.
Thank you for your continued support during the teashop closure, the online sales are helping us stay alive until we can open our doors again.  (more on that to come)
Stay well,
Far Leaves Team

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