Black (Tea) Friday

puer at the teahouse

For many of us, overconsumption is a theme throughout Thanksgiving weekend; first, at a table loaded with comfort foods, and then again, in a shopping center surrounded by strangers competing for bargains.

We don’t have a cure for materialism, but black teas are a centuries-old strategy for coping with the after effects of a hearty feast. Said to aid digestion, Puer teas are almost always the variety of choice at big banquets.

For Black Tea Friday, we're offering a 10% discount code (PUERTHANKS) off items in our Puer collection.

Before your holiday meal, charge up with tea before loading your plate with drowsy-making carbs and protein. Afterwards, brew a pot to share; some will appreciate the complexity of black tea, and for others, you may help create a new Thanksgiving tradition.

Yunnan Supreme

Yunnan Supreme

Yunnan Supreme produces a rich, red infusion with hints of caramel, orange blossom and cacao. High in caffeine, these leaves brew a sublime black tea that complements any meal.

1st Flush Darjeeling

1st Flush Darjeeling

This golden orange pekoe tea has a fruity nose that conjures sweet muscat, orange blossoms and pine nuts. A bold flavor in the Darjeeling tradition, our limited stock will run out before we can travel back next spring.

Black Mango

black Mango

“No weird artificial flavors or cloying sweetness,” reports one of our customers, just large Ceylon leaves and dried fruit. Delicious with milk and sugar or honey; pairs brilliantly with a slice of warm fruit pie.

Puer Teas

Puer cakes

Puer tea cakes.

Tightly packed with flavor, Puer teas can be brewed multiple times, with each pour producing a distinctly different cup than the one before. With rich and varied flavors like broth, honeysuckle and umami, we couldn’t choose a single tea to highlight, so we’re offering a 10% discount on all Puer teas — just use code PUERTHANKS at checkout.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


* To make sure your tea arrives by Thanksgiving, please order no later than November 18 (November 16 for East Coast and Midwest orders).

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