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New Rare Puer Cakes - both raw and cooked pu erh tea

In the backstreet alleys of Taipei sometimes you will find hidden treasures of unexpected value tucked away in the modest stalls and shops that serve their community with dry goods, hot foods, hardware, and whatever else you may need.  Such a thing was our recent discovery when Donna found a few dozen bundles of two great aged puer cakes. The Horse & Dragon Celebrating puer cakes were pressed in 1999 by one of the oldest most reputable merchants in Yunnan; the name TongQing is synonymous with best quality and the liquor produced from the flaky fragments of this well cooked cake is rich with a depth that only comes from the bacteriological progression from compressed circles of leaves into concentrated disks of restorative power. This...

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Yunnan Tea

In the very south of China is the original home of the camillia sinensis plant. The big leaves and robust flavors from these trees have long inspired people to go to great lengths to acquire them.  Donna has assembled an excellent collection of Yunnan's finest teas, both black and red. 

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