June Tea

Time for Blossoms to Explode!

Summer is coming but the famous “coldest winter” winds seem to be early this year. While we wait for true Summer days to arrive in the land, we continue to sip cold weather teas with puer and turmeric, but this month we complement them with flowers and lemongrass to bring out the spring in their step.  

And no Spring can be complete with sampling one of the quintessential fresh products of the year. Dragon Well fresh from the gardens, is what to taste in June. And we hope to find a way to let the promising green energy of the cup propell us to new heights as we face ever-increasing levels of what-next-ed-ness. May you find comfort in the simple ritual of tea again this month.


Our recent cooperative effort with Oakland Spice to develop our Turmeric Lemon Medley blend has resulted in an energizing & healing blend that will charge you up for the upcoming season of heads-down work. Charge through June so that by August you will be able to reflect on how you have earned a short Summer break.

For a special blend that harmonizes strong, earthy notes with soaring floral essences, we bring you this month  Osmanthus Puer. The delicate sweetness emanating from the concentrated blossoms of the osmanthus tree brings a magical, feminine pairing with a robust, earthy, masculine quality from the puer base tea. Wholeness comes in this blend.

Nothing says Spring Tea like Dragon Well fresh off the boat from China. Donna brought back a small batch of the good stuff for you to sample this month. We hope the young green tips inspire you to go forth and exert every effort you can to help make this world a better place.  If not you, who?

In June, we will give the proceeds of all sales of these three teas to the Underground Scholars Initiative at UC Berkeley.

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