Osmanthus vs Jasmine

Ah, jasmine tea. Who has not enjoyed savoring the sweet floral notes of a nice green jasmine tea; perhaps while sitting in a Spring garden.
But have you tried the osmanthus flower?  Grown on shrubs that grow into large trees, these flowers have bright peachy notes that are used for tea pairing as well as in rice wine that is traditionally consumed during the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Osmanthus and Jasmine Teas
White Tip Jasmine Tea
Jasmine flowers straddle the long rolled silver tip green tea in a delicious and
predictable way.
Osmanthus flowers on rich green oolong give a nice veggie body with sweet floral notes swirling above. 
Osmanthus Oolong Tea
Osmanthus Puer Tea

Guihua and puer is a luxurious combination like raspberries and chocolate or like Springtime in Autumn.

A great thing to bring to your own Autumn Festival Celebrations--puer's an excellent digestif.

Did you know?
Guilin means Osmanthus Forest -  桂林
guihua oolong tea

Try some flowers in your tea.

Far Leaves Team

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