Tea for Health & Wellness

The simple act of having tea starts a healing process the moment the kettle is put on the stove.  While waiting for the water to boil try counting your breaths as you listen to the kettle begin to heat up with the water inside.

Listening for the full boil helps focus the mind on the hear and now (ba-dum) and starts a relaxation process that begins in the mind.  Pouring hot water is a perfect time to practice your concentration, though the cost of spilling water is low the reward of a clean pour is priceless.

Once fragrant elixir is into your cup, the smells and the tastes can be pondered by the senses. Glimpses of childhood reveal through the deep limbic roots of the olfactory system. Revel in reclaimed memories and let the stress of today's ephemeral problems drop away.

Here are some teas and some tools to help you get started.