Tea Break Mnemonic


when triggered by fight or flight reflex
try to let it go
try to embrace things with loving compassion

imagine you have just been handed a fresh sip of steaming hot tea
first breathe in the fragrance through your nose and down into your being
breathe deeply into your center and then let form a smile with yourself as you exhale

on the second breath in, sip the tea and imagine the flavor upon your tongue and inside your mouth
feel the warmth of the tea as it flows down into your center and energizes your spirit from within
let your smile grow larger as you completely exhale

raise your eyes up to the world as you inhale the third time
smile, relax, and radiate love from your center as you exhale
imagine yourself offering back the warm comforting beverage to adversity with the smile still in your heart

and continue to engage with openess, kindness, and compassion

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