Puer Tea for Dessert

Holiday feasts should be celebrated with deep, rich foods.  And that means fermented teas from Yunnan are just the thing for the Winter months ahead.


Oakland Tea Blend - puer tea

Farleaves Oakland Blend starts with a bold puer base and adds barley for nourishment, candied ginger for a sweet energy charge, and a pinch of cayenne  pepper to make this tea really sing out. This is such a good dessert tea to share when returning from a nice after dinner walk.


Dark Puer Cake

Puer Cakes are excellent holiday treats. When time is available to enjoy the full tea experience what better way than to find a cake, decipher the origin and the processing from the carefully applied packaging, and then break off pieces of leaves from the other side of the world.


Finding the right puer for you can be a lifetime's mission. So many to try; whether it's green puer cake, puer supreme leaves, puer rice nuggets, or a rare aged puer cake; the quest is the point, and the journey is sublime.


osmanthus puer tea

Osmanthus Puer and Assorted Tuocha


Enjoy Tea for Life!


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