May Flowers

Happy May Day!

Now that the sun rises early and the chill of morning begins to lessen we can focus on developing productive habits to carry us through the coming season of work. Whether enjoying a breakfast tea to get going in the morning, a fired oolong in the afternoon to renew the charge, or a turmeric and white tea tonic to recharge and refresh after efforts spent in the field, tea is good.

May is a great month to begin forging a stronger appreciation for labor. Not only does the season demand an attitude of sowing, rebuilding, cleaning, and inventing, but it kicks off with one of the few internationally celebrated holidays on May 1 for all human laborers.  It would be nice to see US pay attention to labor more than once a year.

Our Breakfast Tea is a blend of Chinese and Indian black teas that has such a feeling that is reminiscent of comfort and love and peace and quiet. Enjoy in a warm mug letting the energy of the hot tea go through the ceramic into your hands, your belly, and into your very being.

Charcoal Fired Oolong is like a reliable bullet train of tea that consistently shows up to deliver all the flavor and fragrance and energizing power that we expect. A little smoky, but the floral and fruity undertones of the green spectrum oolong bring a full body to the infusion.

Since we must work with the whole body, mind, and soul to achieve a more joyful state, we have experimented with god’s bounty and blended up an energizing yet anti-inflammatory tonic. White tea, sage, flowers, and turmeric grace this blend for you to try this wonderful month of May.

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