Building up Resistance through Tea


Happy New Year!


Resist the urge to disparage other people in this land. As human beings, we share common cause with all against the growing domination of corporations at the expense of people. Those legal entities with voting rights (so-called free-speech), and lawyers, and no body to throw in prison for crimes against humanity; also virtual immortality. The big ones owned by very few people.

Let us find the other humans in our land who are not among those few and plan us a way to get back some share of the world’s bounty for human people. Let us plot ways to wrest back control and make sure the introduction of robots is more like Aibo the lovable dog than like Terminator the not so lovable killing machine.

So share tea this month with someone you have just met. Practice empathetic listening; ask why questions; listen completely to their answer while keeping their teacup full and your mind open. Have no opinion.

We have selected three teas this month in a noble attempt to break through the shell of shock and awe to which we are all being subjected. Hopefully we can find respite from the storm in these special elixirs.

Large blossoming Red Peony rosettes of sweet golden tea leaves unfurl in slow motion. Watch time pass peacefully and then grow into a strengthening brew of rich, red, hot, fuel. Celebrate your inner strength for the New Year!

Working industriously can provide additional respite. A job well done whether it’s cleaning or building or talking or thinking, is a job well done and something one can feel good about. Dong Ding Oolong is the Far Leaves house tea that we drink everyday. Brew your thermos-full and start your work with body, mind, and spirit in alignment for the day.

As free speech becomes more important once again, we’d be remiss to not introduce our new Berkeley Blend into the mix. Crazy thinkers both left and right have come through this town and we’ve tried to capture their contrasting essences in a sublime herbal blend of sage, green rooibos, mushrooms, and rice.

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