April Showers


Aries ushers in Spring with drive and conviction. During this final attempt of Winter to disrupt life, the first blushes of blossoms persist in their determination to add hope to the world.

Our tea selection this month ranges upwards from a strong earthen base of puer to an energizing green burst of matcha and sencha and then finally up to sweet but ephemeral wafts of flowers and fresh green tea.

Look for chances to sit with tea outside as the sun begins to shine down and melt away all the snow.


Puer mini bricks are the most perfect tea for camping that we can think of. Grab a few squares and take to the great outdoors as nature beckons in Springtime.

Or look for a small space with just a window into a sunny garden and brew up some bright green infusions of Matcha Sencha. Trying to get beams of light to shine through the emerald tea in a glass teapot is time well spent.

Finally, with the renaissance of Spring energy, don’t forget the flowers in your San Francisco Blend of jasmine tea and flowers of the field.


Hope for more this month.

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