Rice in Tea Broth (Ochazuke)

My staff at Far Leaves Tea who have lived in Japan taught me this amazingly simple, traditional and heartwarming dish that takes drinking tea to another level.  Tea as soup - why not?  It's perfect for when you want something light, healthy, but warm to the belly, such as for beakfast, snack, or when you are jetlagged.  :)


One bowl of rice
Seaweed (cut into small strips)
Toasted brown rice
Pickled plum
10 oz cup of Genmaicha 
Preparation Steps:
1) Lay out the ingredients like below.
2) Add toasted rice, seaweed (or anything else you like, such as the popular smoked salmon) to bowl.
3) Pour Genmaicha into bowl.



  • Far Leaves Tea

    Hi Mark, thanks for reaching out! The tea farm we work with and trust in Kyushu has reassured us of the quality. Teas from Kagoshima prefecture where our tea is from has not been found to have radiation to-date. For what it’s worth, the acceptable radiation levels used by the Japanese government are far more stringent than both United States and WHO standards, which can only benefit tea consumers. That said, we should all make informed decisions about what we put in our bodies, tea and everything else.

  • Mark Dresser

    Do you have any concern about the recent teas coming from Japan including matcha and the impact of the Fukushima disaster?

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