10 Best Taiwanese Foods That Make You Want Some Tea: #8 Pineapple Cake (by guest blogger Amy Hsiao)

Pineapple cake ( 鳳梨酥), a widely popular Taiwanese dessert, is as commonly enjoyed as a chocolate chip cookie is in America.  The fragrant buttery crust, containing chewy pineapple jam filling, is a perfect tea snack.  
I like mine with a nice semi-oxidized Oolong, especially a "ripe" one that's been roasted longer or at a higher temperature like a Phoenix Orchid or Tie Guan Yin (Iron Goddess).  I prefer the tea cold brewed on a hot summer day.  Made with eggs, flour, butter, sugar, and pineapple jam, more modern versions have even replaced traditional flour with almond flour.  Some makers add cheese to the batter to increase its flavor, while others have added ingredients like chocolate or matcha green tea powder to create different versions/colors of the crust.  
This baked good is a symbol of good fortune, as pineapple in Hokkien/Taiwanese is pronounced just like "come good fortune".  I had the fortune, no pun intended, of meeting a local pineapple cake artisan who freshly bakes his pineapples daily.  Fresh out of the oven, the amazing aroma makes these delicious bites irresistible and perfect with a cup of tea


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