10 Best Taiwanese Foods That Make You Want Some Tea: #5 Chinese Doughnut (by guest blogger Amy Hsiao)

Fried dough is another one of those popular foods with different versions around the world, whether it be doughnut, beignet, fritter or churro.  The Taiwanese version is called Youtiao ( 油條), also known as Chinese cruller or Chinese doughnut.  I have always enjoyed having them with a strong cup of green tea to help brighten the taste.  On a hot summer day like the ones I am living in Taiwan, I especially like a cold brewed Purple Bamboo, which I do "on the rocks".  That is, I leave 1.5 tspn over an 8oz glass of ice and savor the refreshing green tea on the rocks.  The Taiwanese traditionally pair the Youtiao with soy milk.  When I am feeling the addition of milk, my twist on it is pairing with a nice Earl Grey like the Rose Grey or Lavender Grey from Far Leaves Tea with milk.
Chinese doughnut can be enjoyed by itself, eaten with rice congee, inside a roasted flat bread like a sandwich, or inside rice rolls.  Read below on the step by step process a 75 year old Chinese doughnut-maker has been following the last 35 years, every single day.
Step 1: Spread out dough lengthwise to maximize space.  Dust dough with lots of flour with hand and/or brush.
Step 2: Cut dough into pieces of strips.
Step 3: Let dough rest.
     Step 4: Stack dough strips on top of each other to help create the crunch when eaten.
Step 5: Insert a groove into dough to create the classic churro-like shape.
Step 6: Fry in oil and enjoy with a nice cup of tea!

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