Mindful Living through Tea and others

At Far Leaves, we believe that the process of making tea is an embodiment of mindful living.  Our mission is to foster mindfulness by making the practice of tea accessible to all.   

Mindful Tea: How to Change the World

stop your lizard brain for just a moment
listen to the sounds around you; wind through trees, water boiling, people talking
when you are quiet, the world reveals details you never noticed before

Far Leaves Tea's Way of Mindful Tea: Cultivating the 5 Senses
Feel the weight & texture of your cup as you prepare to make tea.
Listen as the water goes from simmer to boil.
Watch with care and attention as you pour the tea.
Smell the aroma of the brewed leaves & tea and reflect on fragrances gone by.
Taste the infusion intentionally noting its progression of flavors across the palate.                                                                                                                                                               
If having tea alone, take a moment and try to not think.
When pouring tea for others, practice active listening.      
Mindful Tea: Fight or Flight

when triggered by fight or flight 

try to let it go

and then embrace it with loving compassion


imagine you have just been handed a fresh cup of steaming hot tea

first breathe in the fragrance of the tea through your nose and throat

breathe deeply into your center and let yourself smile as you exhale


on the second breath in sip the tea and imagine the flavor upon your tongue

feel the warmth of the tea as it flows down into your center and energizes your being

let your smile grow larger while exhaling


raise your eyes up to the world as you inhale the third time

smile, relax, and radiate love from your center as you exhale

imagine yourself offering back the warm comforting beverage


and continue to engage with openness, kindness, and compassion
Mindful Tea:  Be Mindful While Waiting In Line
stand like a mountain.
bend your knees slightly
feel your connection to the earth through each toe and the heels of your feet            
Mindful Tea: How To Not Stress When Trying To Relax
just breathe
have some tea
ask someone about a fun thing they have done
Below are thoughts we have had & friends we have made on our own journey that we thought we would share along the way.