The Better Kind of Sharing (by Guest Blogger Heidi Dixon Kwon)

“Sharing” has a different meaning now than it did years ago. 

It’s become a sort of cardboard box we stand on to declare what we think is important, funny, heartwarming — and too often recently, heartbreaking. To share and celebrate how it’s our own or a loved one’s birthday or anniversary or recent achievement. 

And while these are all great things, sometimes sharing becomes more of a one-way experience, a kind of shouting into the noise. 

Remember when sharing happens around a table, over a fire pit, around a lake with people ranging from those we love, those we are still learning to love to those we might have just met. When we are blanketed by the warmth of a fire or under a string of market lights as we exchange our dreams, our memories and stories while nursing a sweet tea on a warm July night.

This past weekend, new friends became close ones in Ithaca, New York. We had only met them on several occasions, and never had the pleasure of spending a weekend together. 

One of my favorite moments from the weekend getaway was our last night together. We sat in borrowed lawn chairs underneath a sky freckled with stars and lightning bugs. As we mistook shooting stars for fireflies, and vice versa, we drank the chilled tea we had cold brewed with fresh berries from the farmer's market while we were out jumping into gorges and surveying waterfalls. 

The Far Leaves Blue Mist tea is a perfect mixture of sweet and refreshing. Fruity notes are blended with floral to create a smooth concoction well suited for a night spent with good friends. The best tea to fuel the perfect mini-vacation. 

Summer draws us out of our homes to remember what it’s like underneath our great swirling sky; she reminds us how good it is to share life with one another. It’s the time of rekindling old friendships, gathering families and cultivating new ones. What better way to spend your days, than by trading your phones for a glass of iced fruit tea?

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