Spring is Coming!

Though we are not done with winter yet (and it could still let loose with some more extreme weather), we should start dreaming up, imagining, and planning for warmer days ahead.

Our teas selection this month is meant to give a final burst of seasonal cold protection along with some deep rich bursts energy from a robust oolong and a puer to nourish the soul while formulating a response to the winter that is still upon us.

tearoom for the people

tearoom for the people

To help keep you well in the final stretches of the cold season, we’re sending Lavender White which adds soothing lavender and mint to the famously therapeutic leaves of white Chinese tea.

We’re also including the traditional oolong of Fujian China to begin waking up the pallet to soaring notes from the Iron Goddess--Kuan Yin Bodhisattva who nevertheless does persist.

And while we’re rolling up our sleeves in garrets, cafes, teashops, or bars, a good hearty puer with grain, fruit and crystallized ginger makes our Oakland Blend a great cup to fire up the spirit to undertake great things.


To help further nourish the world, the month Far Leaves will give 20% of online sales for the teas of the month to ProPublica

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